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You might be interested in the Financial Section on this site. Banks, like Building Societies, often have a restricted range of services - and are notoriously conservative when investing your money. This usually results in very low rates of return. Our financial section covers other Financial Institutions, Mortgages, Investment Consultants, Credit & Finance Companies - and Crowd Funding!

Also see below for all the Building Societies around Your Postcode with their contact details. Just click through to go to a map, street views, reviews and a link to their own websites.


Barclays Bank

1434 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4BX, UK – 0345 734 5345

Very very very helpfull staff!


9 Wellesley Rd, Croydon CR9 2AA, UK – 0345 740 4404

Very lovely attendants who you would firstly speak to queue for the advisors. Nice waiting area. However the advisor I encountered provided me with false information and he was really forceful. I'm glad that I knew the correct information online so I wasn't cheated by him. I ended up finishing up my account opening and switch in another branch. It's very appealing so I've made formal complaint and received positive feedbacks from their customer service. Watch out if you ever speak to Nirav S Palan.

The fact that it opens on a Saturday until 5pm won me over!

HSBC Bank Plc

139a N End, Croydon CR0 1TN, UK – 0345 740 4404

AVOID THE COUNTER SERVICE IF YOU CAN! It's a fine branch if you can use the self-service machines and pop in and out quickly but god help you in the instances you need to queue up to speak to a cashier, which sometimes you've got no choice but to do. - Long queues with people often pushing in without consequences - Inconsiderate and rude staff often at open windows doing their own chores, sometimes even openly having lunch even when there is clearly a long queue of people who've been waiting for ages and are getting frustrated - Too many inexperienced or trainee staff who don't know what they're doing which contributes to the ridiculous wait times - Pens to fill out paying in forms often not working or unavailable Like most banks, these dirtbags make MILLIONS from our deposits and rather than hire staff and make in-branch experiences better using that windfall they instead prefer to help illegally launder money for Mexican drug cartels.

Good customer service and an array of self service machines and coin counter available for account holders ....saves a lot of time especially during busy periods

Building Societies

Skipton Building Society - Croydon

40 George St, Croydon CR0 1PB, UK – 020 8686 4861

Best building society in croydon. Polite staff. Manageress 10 star.

Yorkshire Building Society

123 Wellesley Rd, Croydon CR0 1PD, UK – 020 3733 8117

Local Chambers of Commerce for CR7 7QT. These can be an extraordinarily effective way of getting into the business community and / or getting things done. Equally they can be entirely useless depending on the chair. If they have networking events associated with them definitely go, and keep going, if you have a business that need local support. What you put in is exactly what you get out. Below is the national site. Watch this slot - it might improve!
Croydon Town Hall

Katharine St, Croydon CR0 1NX, UK – 020 8726 6000

Very good place very polite staff

Gorgeous Town Centre building

This link works well. If you have fly tipping, litter issues etc you can either click and enter your local authority or find it on an interactive map. The services just drop down for you.
Find the local council, MP and MEP for CR7. Type your postcode into relevant box and find details for your local councillor, MP and MEP. MPs can be extremely useful if you want a local issue aired or fixed. Get an appointment for a surgery meeting if you want to talk directly to your MP.

Councils have also become increasingly useful, business focused and lean. If you want something done think about contacting your local council or contacting your local representative. Click below to get the contact details of your representatives for the Thornton Heath area
Find local dentists and dental practices around Thornton Heath and CR7 7QT with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

Streatham Common Dental Surgery

202 Eardley Rd, Streatham, London SW16 5TF, UK – 020 8764 4368

Absolutely Fabulous! I love coming here! No, that was not a typo and yes, I am intentionally reviewing a Dental Surgery ;-) I have been coming here for nearly 5 years now and am soon to move out of the Streatham Common area, however I shall not be changing dentists. This is a lovely family run surgery wit a pro-active approach to treating their patients. I am always greeted with a smile and when I have needed treatment have been advised on a range of care helping me choose the best 'root' for me. You can tell this surgery actually cares about it's patients as advise and education on oral care (and in my case *better* oral care) are as much part of the service as the check-up itself. I have had a range of treatments here including fillings, root canals and extractions. All of which have been carried out with the upmost professionalism and care and as a result were all far less daunting than they sound. I cannot recommend this surgery enough. This really is the 'crown' of Dental Surgeries, a shining example of how visiting the dentist should be. I have always left with a smile, all be it sometimes a numb one.

Great clinic. I called for an emergency filling 1 hour before their closing time, they were kind and accepted me. The dentist was very kind, quick and efficient. She explained what she was doing throughout the whole process and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this surgery.

Gentle Dental Care

149 Shirley Rd, Croydon CR0 7LR, UK – 020 8654 3722

I would like to give massive thanks to Kam. He really put a beautiful smile on my face and it didn’t hurt at all. It was actually a pleasure. After visiting the practice last Friday, you could sense that practice itself was soaked with love and passion for what he does. It was topped up with professional approach and I could see why the practice won so many awards over the years and stays at the top. Now I have no hesitation recommending Gentle Dental Care to friends and family and even strangers. Once again, thank you Kam, you made my day. Best regards, Johnny with beautiful smile :)

I have no real fear of dentistry, but if I did I would still want to come here. I needed a large molar removed as the filling had fallen out. The remaining tooth was nearly below the gum line. I was sceptical that the lovely dentist would be able to get to it After a 30 minute tussle out it came!!! No need for a hospital appointment. Class! All the staff are great, chatty, and can't recommend them enough!

Southern Dental

233 Selhurst Rd, London SE25 6XP, UK – 020 8653 6068

The Greyswood Practice

66 Eastwood St, London SW16 6PX, UK – 020 8769 0845

This is the best practice I’ve ever been registered at. Once you have an appointment (which can be a bit of hassle as it’s phone only from 8am for same day bookings - with most gone by 8.15) - all of the staff are friendly and helpful. They have had a fair bit of rotation of GPs and Locums the last year, but it’s settled down again now. Appointments run pretty much on time and they are very accommodating. - especially good with children.

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.

British Gas - Breakdown & Repairs 0845 9 60 50 40

Fire - Ambulance - Police 999

Moorfields Eye Hospital

530 London Rd, Thornton Heath CR7 7YE, UK – 020 8401 3486

I have been under Moorfields eye departments at Croydon for a number of years and cannot speak highly enough of their level of care and professionalism. Moorfields took over the eye division at CUH quite a while back and the improvements they have achieved are very impressive. I am therefore loathe to post my feedback from last Thursday but do this in the hope that remedial action can be taken. I attended the eye clinic for a post operation review and waited nearly three and a half hours to be seen by a consultant. He and his support staff were clearly embarrassed by the poor scheduling of the mornings appointments which resulted in horrendous log jams and was plainly due to poor resource planning failure by admin staff. The staff and consultants were , as usual, absolutely excellent .However, I really hope we are not returning to the bad old days of thoughtless appointment booking and appropriate staffing decisions!

Accompanied my apprehensive husband David this morning to have laser treatment to repair a torn retina. Moorfields Eye clinic was busy but efficient. David was duly called into the laser room and towards the end of the10 minute procedure, he passed out. With in seconds emergency help arrived, nurses, doctors, oxygen, porters, paramedics with stretcher. A routine session became a scene out of casualty as they brought him round from fainting. With all of this came a real sense of concern, efficiency, reassurance and true care. Bless all of you and thank you.

Croydon University Hospital

530 London Rd, Thornton Heath, Croydon CR7 7YE, UK – 020 8401 3000

It’s a shame people are sometimes disappointed with this hospital but put it this way, it is a big one and really crowded. As for myself just been this morning to the a&e popped in at 8.30 and by 10 I’ve had all the checks done. Many thanks to the lady at the reception and the nurse, lovely ladies, and a special thank you to Dr Liz Waters, amazing young professional and kind human being❤️!!! Came worrying and left with a big smile, nice to be told your health is fine, my day at work was enjoyable!

The service you receive here is very hit and miss. I've been suffering from a problem for the last 10 months now, for the most part service has been good, but unfortunately I can't say that for the entirety of the time. Went to see a neurologist after being referred by the first specialist I had been seeing and he seemed very rude. I was called half an hour late and walked in there to him having not even read my notes. He was telling me it was all a confidence issue despite my GP, specialist and myself telling him these symptoms he claimed were unlikely to impact me were still impacting me. He told me if I needed help around I was no better than his five year old granddaughter which I took huge offense to considering I've been unwell for so long. Half way through my appointment he made me go outside because he got a phone call be didn't want me hearing, and I got the impression he was wasn't listening. He did hardly any checks but just assumed they weren't bringing on symptoms without asking me, even though they were, and kept getting funny with me when I was explaining why I'd had to take so much time off because my symptoms have been that bad for so long so I kept getting signed off. They hadn't booked me in for any scans prior to this so in fairness the poor bloke didn't really have much to go off of, but he essentially turned around and said I may well be having these symptoms but he didn't know why so he just referred me elsewhere, but didn't seem interested in a follow up or to try to help me get to the route of the problem in the meantime. I'd been waiting 3 months for this appointment and had been told by my specialist he was sure he'd give me a certain diagnoses and get medication to help with my headaches, but it was completely dismissed as soon as I brought it up. Very disheartening when you've been ill so long and been told this appointment was going to give you all the answers.

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for CR7 7QT.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for CR7 7QT
This Parliamentary website will find MPs - just type in your postcode. It also gives details of how to contact your MP

Find Local Churches & Places of Worship

West Croydon Seventh-day Adventist Church

45-49 Union Rd, Croydon CR0 2XU, UK – 020 8664 3621

A good place to worship a bit warm.

Amazing Church where you can interact

The Parish of Christ Church

39 Longley Rd, Croydon CR0 3LH, UK

Spend every fortnight on a Thursday doing voluntary work for Stroke Team and find it very rewarding. It's easy to get to by bus. Fee paying Parking is on side streets near by.

GirlguidingUK Youth Club for girls up until 16 I think start from 4-5

West Croydon Baptist Church

Whitehorse Road, Croydon CR0 2JH, UK – 020 8689 4527

Abacus will trust 12 salsbury road Leicester let 7qr

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.
This is a brilliant site. Click to see virtually everything you are likely to need to know about the Police and crime statistics around Thornton Heath. You can often even see a photo of your local policeman!

Crimestoppers - Call 0800 555111 or 101 for non emergency

Find Recycling Centres

Factory Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre

33-56 Factory Ln, Croydon CR0 3RL, UK – 020 8726 6200

Just been to recycle all my bits, asked a man if they take domestic waste and he said yeah then he started picking all my bits up to dispose off, they are so helpful here everytime I recycle. Thanks croydon recycling 👍

No idea where these negative feedbacks coming from. Staff is great and very helpfull.

Danjo's Skip Hire Ltd

Enterprise Close, Croydon CR0 3RZ, UK – 020 3124 1697

Excellent communication and really accommodating. They made the whole process really smooth and were genuinely helpful the entire time.

Tgm Environmental Recycling

156 Beddington Ln, Croydon CR0 4TE, UK – 07575 575778

Give and get free stuff. Here you will find lots of items that people are willing to give away, for FREE! This is instead of taking them to a local landfill site. The aim of this site is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill (20.9 million tonnes of it last year in the UK) and recycling is great news for the environment.
We all know that we need to recycle more - and this is a great way of doing it.
You may prefer to go through to our Eating Out page which has a complete range of places you can go from the most economical to the most lavish.  Please CLICK HERE!

You will also find Take Aways and Pubs in this section. Enjoy!

Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Thornton Heath

Pizza Express

48 George St, Croydon CR0 1PB, UK – 020 8681 2550

Overall great, been here twice. Food is great. Service is a bit slow though. Sometimes seems like they are not fussed about helping much, but doing it anyway after a second thought...

I've been twice. The pizza is crispy and tasty, but the staff always take long to take the orders. Other inconvenience is that the toilets (both gents and ladies) were freezing (couldn't spot any heating radiator). Poor the one that will use the basin, lol.


6C, Valley Leisure Park, Hesterman Way, Beddington Farm Rd, Croydon CR0 4YA, UK – 020 8680 0800

The food isn't the best you will ever taste but the variety and atmosphere make up for that

Great food, great value, easy to park. Some Staff just a little rude. But overall a lovely experience. Can be a little noisy!

Wagamama Croydon

4 Park Ln, Croydon CR0 1JA, UK – 020 8760 9260

Very clean and smart looking with plenty of seating for diners, the menu had a great choice of Chinese, Japanese and some Thai food with plenty of vegetarian options. The only downside for me was the portion size for what you pay may be a little stingy but it's not the worst. Alcohol is available from the bar along with coffee and tea and the normal drinks you would find. Staff were very friendly and the food was served to us quite promptly. Overall a good visit.

It was a good dining experience despite having problems previously at this location, the service was really good too good at times as the mains came immediately after the starters so that was a little annoying. The food did taste good and there wasn't any complaints. Even though it was semi busy it was still a nice meal with great service.

Nursery and Preschools

Bright Horizons Croydon Day Nursery and Preschool

48 Sydenham Rd, Croydon CR0 2EF, UK – 0333 305 4825

I think it's a lovely nursery staff are very friendly children have lots on offer and look very happy x

Its a very welcoming nursery in my opinion. The staff are friendly and caring and the rooms are clean with lots of activities on offer. The garden is lovely with lots of nice areas for the kids. I'd recommend it to friends.

Mini Vip's Montessori Nursery & Pre School

1 Campbell Rd, Croydon CR0 2SQ, UK – 020 8689 7663

Good place good location

Mmi Pre School

46 Leslie Grove, Croydon CR0 6TJ, UK – 020 8686 2727

My daughter has been attending this nursery for almost 3.5 years. She started off in the baby room and recently graduated from preschool. Her journey was very smooth and her progress has been remarkable. She was cared well during all her stages of development and quite happy with the staff and the learning methods used. Thank you MMI for bring out the best in my daughter.

MMI nursery provides safe, warm and inviting environment for children. The staff creates friendly relationships with the children stimulating learning, where children with special needs get extra support. Our daughter has been attending the nursery for two years and she loved it. We all loved it. MMI team genuinely like children, they create long lasting relationships with both children and parents. The toys and books reflect the children's diversity and are used in a unsexist way. The children learn about a variety if things such as the seasons, the planets, the world around them, world geography, photosynthesis, maths, writing, etc. The teachers help the children develop from the point they are , offering support in order to them to reach their potential. Parents involvement is welcome and highly encouraged. We loved MMI and will miss each and every tram member. Thank you MMI! You are amazing!

Primary and Secondary Schools

Al-Khair School

109-117 Cherry Orchard Road, Addiscombe, Croydon CR0 6BE, UK – 020 8662 8664

Some very good teachers and Ok facilities

It's an okay school for learning Islam and other general subjects

Woodmansterne School

Stockport Road, London Area, London SW16 5XE, UK – 020 8764 1825

This school was the best, I was a student and I loved it and I still do. It was a nice and amazing experience, I enjoyed it from my first until my last day. Even though I left I still remember this place as my home and family. It was the best place ever I couldn't imagine going any where else it was my life and I will still remember this school until I go. I left 7-8 months ago and I still remember how this place was the laughter, fun and the teachers were amazing, they looked after you and cared for you like their children, they taught me right from wrong I learned so much. Even though they have changed it I still remember what it looked like. So if you need to send your kid to a school this is the one, they have many awards and achievements like oxford outstanding. This school is beyond all others and I couldn't spend my childhood some place else.

Amazing school 😉

The Link Secondary School

86 Croydon Rd, Croydon CR0 4PD, UK – 020 8688 7691

I went to this school years ago very nice

Public & Preparatory Schools

Trinity School of John Whitgift

Shirley Park, Croydon CR9 7AT, UK – 020 8656 9541

Supportive, proactive very well managed. Everything they do seems to revolve around the youngsters and my son has increased his confidence, maturity and outlook. Wish I went there!

A very good school that has to contend with " The Croydon Factor" and Political Correctness, that seems to have crept in recently - which may affect the future success of the school.

Maple House School

23-27 Parchmore Rd, London CR7 8LY, UK – 020 8653 1827

Local social service agencies for CR7 7QT with contact details and location maps

Gas Transco

0800 111999

British Gas Breakdown & Repairs

0845 9 60 50 40
Local electricity supply companies for CR7 7QT with contact details and location maps
Local gas supply companies for CR7 7QT, including bottled gas, with contact details and location maps
Local water supply and treatment companies for CR7 7QT with contact details and location maps

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